Package net.sf.jeppers.grid

Interface Summary
CellStyle Provides rendering information about a cell.
GridCellEditor This interface defines the method that editors must implement to be used as an editor by JGrid.
GridCellRenderer This interface defines the method required by any object that would like to be a renderer for cells in a JGrid.
GridModel Describes a rectangular array of cells.
ResizableGrid This interface defines the methods to implement for models (StyleModel, RulerModel, SpanModel, SelectionModel) that need to sync dimensions with GridModel.
RulerModel This interface captures the model for handling a component that can be segmented along the horizontal or vertical axis, with each segment size being separately tunable.
SelectionModel SelectionModel stores selection information for a grid of cells.
SpanModel SpanModel provides information about cell spans for a grid of cells.
StyleModel StyleModel handles editors, renderers, and cell styles for a grid of cells.

Class Summary
AbstractGridModel This abstract class provides default implementations for most of the methods in the GridModel interface.
AbstractRulerModel A base for RulerModel that provides handling of listeners.
AbstractSelectionModel A base for SelectionModel that provides handling of listeners.
AbstractSpanModel A base for SpanModel that provides handling of listeners.
AbstractStyleModel A base for StyleModel that provides handling of listeners.
BasicGridHeaderUI GridUI for use with row and column headers.
CellSpan This class embodies the idea that cells can be merged.
DefaultCellStyle Default implementation of CellStyle.
DefaultGridModel This is an implementation of GridModel that uses a Map of cell points to the cell object values.
DefaultRulerModel Default implementation of RulerModel.
DefaultSelectionModel Default implementation of SelectionModel.
DefaultSpanModel Default implementation of SpanModel.
DefaultStyleModel Default implementation of StyleModel that uses a Map between class types and editors / renderers.
GenericCellEditor Generic implementation of GridCellEditor that uses the toString method.
GenericCellRenderer Generic implementation of GridCellRenderer.
GridModelEvent Events corresponding to changes in a GridModel.
GridRepaintManager Handles repainting of grid.
GridUI Pluggable look and feel interface for JGrid.
JGrid The JGrid is used to display and edit regular two-dimensional grid of cells.
JScrollGrid JScrollGrid is used to display JGrid in a scroll panel with row and column headers.
StampLabel.UIResource A subclass of StampLabel that implements UIResource.